Does your pet need some help getting around? Our wheelchairs will have your pet back to an active lifestyle in no time. 

Custom Wheels


Our Wheelchairs

3D Orthotics, LLC proudly offers entirely custom wheelchairs. Each wheelchair is made from 3D Printed fittings, lightweight aluminum bar for the chassis, and padded straps for support and fastening. Every part is padded, assembled, and finished by hand before being fitted with lightweight wheels.

Wheelchairs are a reality for many animals, so we aim to make them as durable, lightweight, and sleek as possible. Customization can be manipulated down to color and style to compliment your pet's personality.

Wheelchairs are commonly used for:

-Bilateral Breaks & Fractures

-Rear/Front Leg Paralysis

-Significant Tendon/Ligament Damage

-Debilitating Arthritis

-Post-Surgical Therapy & Recovery

-Degenerative Diseases



Please consult your Veterinarian or Ortho-Surgeon to find out if our wheelchairs are right for you! 

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