Rear Leg


Get your Purrfect Fit. 

3D Orthotics is the first to offer an exclusively feline splint selection - just for your cat. Leg injuries can be debilitating for any animal and we work hard to get your pet back to health in comfort. 

Quality is Key. 

Our feline splints are all 3D printed, hand finished, and assembled with care. Each splint comes equipped with comfortable neoprene foam, adjustable Velcro, durable rubber grips, and a lightweight 3D printed shell. Our splint weights range from 2 oz - 5 oz and are designed so that injuries won't keep your feline friend grounded.  

We recommend you consult your pet's veterinarian before fitting any of our products. 


Need a custom splint? look no further - just use the image to complete the form below, and we will contact you as soon as your quote is ready!

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This is is the measurement from the inside knee to the hock (ankle).
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