Why choose 3D Orthotics?

At 3D Orthotics, we work with you to provide your pet the most comfortable fit possible. Each Prosthesis is fitted with waterproof neoprene padding and their robust design is manufactured to handle all terrains. Our Legs are 3D-printed to optimize support, strength, and durability for all cases.


A perfect fit can be obtained through our own molding process, CT-Scans, or even manual measurement. Our design team works directly with you so that style, shape, and even color can be changed to compliment your pet's personality.


Most importantly, we believe in affordable prosthesis for all animals, and are proud to implement 3D technology to bring the gift of mobility to your home.

Full limb prosthesis starting at only $599.


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Step 1: Mold & Scan

Step 2: Design 

Step 3: Print and Fit

Scan Pic.png
Pheonix Right Leg.png
Prosthetic Pic.png

Our 360 degree laser scanner can get precise 3D models from any molds or CT-Scans provided to generate a 3D model with thousands of faceted surfaces - We insist on making sure every curve and bend is accounted for. 

-Our design team gets straight to work in making sure the prosthesis is fitted with any kind of mechanism necessary for your case.

-Everything can be customized from style and color, to pattern and material. 

-We work directly with Vets and Ortho-Surgeons to ensure the proper bio-mechanics are being taken into account when designing you pet's new legs.

-At last, the 3D model is sent to one of our large format 3D printers which can print a wide variety of colors and materials without a dramatic rise in cost.

-To ensure durability, each piece is designed with internal support structures capable of allowing limited flexibility.

-Our machines can print down to 80 micron layers to tackle even the most challenging jobs.

-Once printed, the legs are assembled, padded with waterproof neoprene foam, and shipped. 

Each case is different, and improper care can lead to subsequent injuries. For that reason, we work through your vet to create the proper device for your animal. 


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