Have it your way.


Unique splints for Unique Pets. 

We recognize that not all pets are the same, and sometimes a pet may not fit a generic splint. 3D Orthotics offers fully custom splints for any case. 

Custom splints may be the choice for your pet if it doesn't quite fit standard sizes. Whether your pet is over-sized, under-sized, or unique in another way, we can make the right splint for you. 

The pain of an injury doesn't wait, neither should you.

Unlike most custom products, our custom splints do not require weeks of waiting. Our splints are designed, printed, and packaged within 48 hours of receiving measurements from you. A faster shipping option can be chosen at checkout to get it to you as soon as possible. 

Affordability is key.

No pet should have to endure prolonged suffering over a price tag. So we work hard to make sure all of our products are affordable and available. Our custom splints are priced at three flat rates with free shipping:



For Under-Sized Pets

Undersized pets who are simply too small for standard splints can be made a custom product at a flat rate of $49.99. These splints are printed flawlessly down to the smallest details to provide maximum support while weighing only a few ounces.

For Over-Sized Pets

Over-sized pets who are simply too large for standard splints can be made a custom splint at a flat rate of $109.99. Our over-sized splints are all reinforced with triple walled prints, dense internal structure, and 1 or more aluminum flat-bar for maximum support. 

For Everything in between

If your pet fits one of the standard sizes but a deformation, bend, or delicate injury requires special attention or modification, we can make any adjustments to our standard sizes for a flat rate of $69.99



If a custom splint sounds like the right option for you, hit the button below and our team will send you measurement info as soon as possible! As always, we strongly recommend you consult your pet's veterinarian or ortho-surgeon before proceeding with our custom option.